Propane Tank Sizes: Dimensions, Weight, BTUs 1lb To 2,000 Gallons

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Propane Tank Sizes: Dimensions, Weight, BTUs 1lb To 2,000 Gallons

Thought I would post it here as well for reference. Thanks to the large network of Ferrellgas and Blue Rhino locations, you’ll never be far away from the fuel you need for your adventures. The rebate form requests that you include the original proof of purchase from tank wrapper.

However, it’s only available in select areas of the country as it’s a new service. I looked into converting my vehicle to propane many years ago as I worked as an operator of an LPG fractionating plant. Remember the OPEC oil embargo in the early 80’s?

Most propane users recommend having a backup tank just in case you overuse your propane and become low. Running out of propane during a family event is something no one wants. If you allow your propane to remain under 20% filled, it could become a danger. It may also be unusable for you and your family.

The 30 lb propane tank is most commonly used for campers and camper trailers. Most commonly, they mount two 30 lb tanks on the toungue of the trailer which supply gas for the refridgerator, heat, and stove-top. However, 30 lb tanks can be used with space heaters, construction heaters and other propane applications. A 30 lb tank holds 7 gallons of propane and weighs 55 lbs full. 2- Tank exchange is much less environmentally friendly than having your tank refilled. Think about it - by refilling, you completely eliminate the blue rhino mass refill center too.

Bottles that are all current, I know people in the bussiness, that helps keep them current, ha, ha. A 20lb bottle should be filled with 20lbs of propane by weight and will be at the prescribed 80% of the capacity of the bottle. But, Blue Rhino exchange tanks are not a good deal. Often are short filled and are always more expensive per gallon than having your own tanks filled.

how many gallons in a blue rhino propane tank

I absolutely hate running out and not having a full tank handy to pop right on. We keep a spare tank in the carport next to our gasoline for the lawnmowers and a couple of gallons of diesel fuel for burning fallen limbs. If anything blows, at least we will be sure to meet our deductible. I used to get mine filled at a gas station but recently a Tractor Supply CO. opened in town and now I fill there. TSC charges actual fill volume by the gallon. So now instead of paying $20 and not using it all, I only pay for what I actually burned and its never been more than $10 at TSC prices...

This is less accurate, as you are not sure there is exactly 20 lbs of propane in the tank. Would you buy a car that has a special gas cap “for your safety” that can only be filled by the car dealer’s gas stations? “Not everyone can properly fill a car with gas.

How Do You Check the Propane Level on a Blue Rhino?

The "20 lbs" already takes this into account. I have seen many people online incorrectly make the argument that a 20 lb tank can only safely hold 16 lbs of propane. A typical barbecue tank is also referred to as a 20-pounder.

Most propane tanks for grilling weigh around 17 pounds when empty and hold roughly 20 pounds of propane. But how do you know how much propane is left in the tank? Most propane tanks best vpn service 2020 don't come with a gauge to let you know how much fuel is remaining. And you definitely don't want to run out and have to make a trip to the store in the middle of cooking.

  • And see if he will fill up your smaller tanks if he has the adaptor.
  • Instructions for these warn of the tanks freezing up and suggest wearing gloves to prevent frost burns.
  • A 20lb bottle should be filled with 20lbs of propane by weight and will be at the prescribed 80% of the capacity of the bottle.
  • The 80% of 20lbs myth is exactly that, a myth.
  • You can touch the side of the tank and feel where it gets cold.

Most people are on a budget and want the best prices for their services. Tank exchange is when a propane tank owner calls a tank exchange company and decides to switch an empty tank with a filled tank. Many companies such as Uhaul and Walmart participate in tank exchange. That method is cheaper and more practical than buying a new tank or even refilling an old one.

The companies slapped a “15-pound” label on the tanks but didn’t change the size of them. It would make sense, then, that most consumers would not have known they were actually getting less fuel. If you go the Blue Rhino route to exchange an expired tank, check the tanks in the retailer’s store and get a newer one.

If you are still getting that nice pretty blue flame you are burning about as efficiently as you can. If you are seeing lots of yellow flame check your fresh air tubes. Sometimes spiders or wasps set up in them tubes blocking fresh air intake for a clean burn. If they are clear and you are still getting yellow flames, chances are pretty good either your burners are bad or your gas orifice has eroded some.

Blue Rhino Propane Exchange or Return

What you save in price by refilling, however, comes with a cost –the biggest being convenience. However, there’s likely a Ferrellgas office near your neighborhood, and our easy-to-use location finder makes it easy to find a store near you. Amazingly, you can get Blue Rhino propane tank delivered to your house.

Time to break out the phone book and see who can fill tanks for me locally. The 100# container has be intrigued as well. Our local U-Haul store just started offering fill services for Propane tanks. Looks like it might be a franchise-wide practice before too long. BR is a great source for tanks, but I've had better luck getting them filled elsewhere. The local lawn care / rv / winter ski tune shop (no kidding, that's their line of business) fills mine while I wait and only charges me for what they put in.

As an everyday driver, not really worth the investment in my opinion. In my area it’s anything over 40lb tanks. I have a 50lb and 100lb tank and the COOP will fill all my 20lb tanks at the discount bulk rate if I bring one of the larger tanks to be filled.

Understanding Propane Tank Dimensions

This is because the tank can hold approximately 20 pounds of propane. Propane weighs 4.24 pounds per gallon so now you get the 20 pound reference. Cylinders are labeled by how much propane they hold. 10lb tank holds 10 lbs of propane, 20 lb tank holds 20 lbs of propane, 30 lb tank holds 30 lbs of propane. 20 lb tanks are more commonly known as BBQ size tanks.

Blue Rhino also notes the amount of propane contained in our tanks on our display signs. Costco dual pack of Jif Peanut Butter recently went from two 48 oz jars to two 40 oz jars. No price increase that I noticed, but that's a whole pound less peanut butter. Good info there, especially about how to ID the cylinders that are not the proprietary ones.

  • There are 7,320,000 BTU in a 100 gallon propane tank.
  • Thank you thats what i was looking for just payed $23.00 at a shell station in Ojai ca for 3.5 gallons and that was way to much.
  • However, a lot of places have a 5 gallon minimum, so they will charge $17.25 to fill a partially empty 20# tank.
  • When approximate numbers just won't do and you need precision, it's time to invest in a gauge.

All I'm doing on the grill is searing, not cooking. If you live somewhere where the power can go out for a week you best have a spare tank for cooking and warming water to bath. Having worked with hazardous gases, the only thing I store inside is the spray-can sized butane cylinder that fills the microtorch. Even that is probably best kept in the garage not a closet. It is advisable to store any gas cylinder in a vented location. That means outdoors or in a vented cabinet (NOT common in houses!).

How Long Until a Blue Rhino Gas Tank Needs Refilling or Replacing?

Exchanged propane tanks are regularly inspected, so you’ll know that the tank you pick up has a lot of life left and has been checked for any issues. You’ll only pay for the propane you use if you own your own propane tank. Any propane left in your tank isn’t lost as it is during an exchange –and even if it’s a small amount, it’ll return home with you. If you plan to reuse your tank for an extended period of time, you’ll want to find the tank’s expiration date, generally stamped on the top handle area.

It will cost you about $20 to $25 up front, but you may save in the long run and will not run out in the middle of the BBQ. I’m sure they can come up with a very good reason to do so. Note that even before dropping to 15 lbs, many tank exchange places were only filling to 17 lbs. Companies are in business to make money, pure and simple.

In many states it's the law because of safety concerns. 29.5 poundsHow much does a full 20 lb propane tank weigh? The full 20 lb propane tank weighs 29.5 pounds, on average. You need to add the weight of 16 lb of propane to the empty weight (13.5 lbs) of the 20 lb propane tank to get the total. A propane customer has a few options when it comes to using propane tanks. You can refill them, exchange them, or buy new ones.

  • Once emptied they will get refilled at the local "Full Fill" place.
  • Analog propane scales work much like luggage scales, except they're already tared for the for the weight of the tank.
  • Would you buy a car that has a special gas cap “for your safety” that can only be filled by the car dealer’s gas stations?
  • If you add 400 gallon of propane , the weight of a full 500 gallon propane tank is 2,649 pounds.
  • Make the supplier weigh the tank before and after the fill and determine exactly how much propane you received.

Canning on my 2 burner propane stove, I use to get almost 5 cycles per 4 gal, now I get only 3. Do the burners on a propane get worn out? My stove is about 15yrs old, but I’ve never had a problem that I know of with it. I turn gas off after each use, so I don’t think leaks are the answer. As texasprepper pointed out, you lose performance on propane. Propane has about 82% of the btu’s per gallon as gasoline, but has a very high 110 octane rating.

I highly recommend you don't buy your heaters through the mail from Northern. I do believe electric heat is a much cleaner source of heat, and better for my plants. I know this is a big argument here on this forum, but that is how I feel.

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