The Overall Guide on How to Create an Educational App

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The Overall Guide on How to Create an Educational App

These apps usually don’t provide learning functionality, but function as a management environment. Most of the time, teachers use them together with parents and students to keep an eye on the learning progress. A learning platform is a huge collection of various courses, classes, and webinars that users can access either free of charge or for a certain fee. If you are planning on creating this type of service, make sure you have a slick design and easy navigation for both students and tutors. Last but not least, educational applications have a quite simple UX/UI design. They adapt to the smartphone screen that we all are so used to which makes them more appealing to users.

How to Create an Educational App

If you need guidance on your education startup or want to hire a leading education mobile app development company, contact us, we will help. Finally, the most widely-spread way of earning in educational applications is in-app advertising, which is highly popular among users since they can use an app for free. There are the main restrictions in developing iOS and Android educational apps you should take into account.

For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy. As long as parents stick to the Kids tab on Google Play, they won't have to second-guess if an app or game is appropriate anymore. These policies are ultimately an extra layer of defense to protect the children's wellbeing, which is what matters most.

We will cover the six most effective strategies that will help an application make money. Think about all the apps that are aimed to help someone who is studying. Digital notepads, schedulers, messengers, calculators, and presentation builders.

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In-app advertisement is another popular way to monetize a learning app. However, you should know what is advertised in your app and how many times ads pop up, especially if you want to make an education app for children. You can discuss a more detailed tech stack with the educational app developers who work with you. When you are planning out how to create an educational app, you will need to think about the must-have features that your app should have. It’s a basic list for any edu app, so without these functionalities, you won’t be able to compete on the market. Besides LMS, there is another option available for teachers—classroom apps.

With a flexible strategy, you may quickly change a startup to discover that model that works and leads to enormous growth. Gamified basics are used to build smart or unique approaches to learning various subjects. They allow students to engage in multiple activities to learn a specific topic. Gamified applications' popularity is greatest among school-going children because they help promote the learning process. Learning a new language through an educational mobile app is no longer unusual. Because the world is becoming increasingly global, people seek to learn a new language to explore possibilities in their geographic region of interest.

What are the types of educational apps?

This article about e-learning app development was originally published in June 2020 and was updated in September 2021 to make it more relevant and comprehensive. Some educational apps like Duolingo offer premium features that require subscribing to unlock. Monetize your app depends on its nature, users, and, to a certain extent, luck . However, the overwhelming majority of educational apps are monetized using one of these four methods below. Backend/API stack is provided by Ruby, .NET, Postgre DB, Redis.

How to Create an Educational App

You may have noticed that the majority of education-based applications are paid. Now, you have to think about how to make your educational app with monetized features. Here are the options you can choose for your app monetization.

Private tuition learning app allows students to connect with experts swiftly and simply. Hybrid apps combine features of iOS and Android applications. Hybrid programs are also more cost-effective since you only pay once for double work. Finally, complicated business applications generally need more infrastructure development.

We’ve been in the business for over 12 years and have delivered over 200 mobile and web projects. We know what it takes to be a reliable software partner. Startups should seek to find out potential users of their EdTech platform and those who already use other goods you develop and are likely to use your platform. Developing an instructional program for a single platform might be less expensive than developing it for many platforms. Flashcards are considered an efficient and fun way to learn new things.

Top Educational Apps of 2022

Progressed and proficient courses are not anymore restricted to a school educational plan. Understudies inclined toward taking additional courses to reinforce their insight range for a specific subject or even the whole field. These applications are exceptionally planned with isolated databanks for various course materials. Firstly, as gaining changes from homerooms to homes, creating learning designs that are effectively open over different gadgets has turned into an objective.

How to Create an Educational App

Enable parents to track their children’s school buses every day. Notification (push notifications or SMS about favorable in-app offers). In the final part of the development, various tests are written to check the app and reduce the risk of errors. Let your students access the study material - notes, lectures, lesson summaries and more - anytime they want, wherever they are. You receive a proposal with estimated effort, project timeline and recommended team structure.


Applications that manage to combine all the benefits of learning something new with the entertainment of gaming win the audience's hearts faster. Learning apps for children, educational games for teens, or challenge-based eLearning apps for adults. There are many ways to make an educational app that includes gaming elements. Prioritize all the essential features for MVP according to users and market needs and arrange them in a product backlog.

  • Children can learn how to speak, read, and write with the help of their mobile phones.
  • For the same reason, numerous people want to create their own service and, to succeed, they explore the issue of how to make a messaging app.T ...
  • Education can be a marketing tool for businesses as well.
  • Students can also track their work progress whenever required.
  • Without a decent ranking, your app won’t reach the maximum number of users.
  • Prepare a roadmap regarding the kind of educational app that you want to offer.

Since online educational applications are available worldwide and not limited by any geographical borders, people have more choices to consider. They don’t have to only consider local schools, colleges, or other educational opportunities. Now, they can get access to educational mobile application development learning materials and educational services from almost any place they want. Some people even combine online education with traditional schooling thanks to educational apps. However, there are plenty of competitors, so you need to be careful when finding your niche.

With nandbox app builder for schools, you can build personalized, native, hosted-ready mobile apps using a simple drag-and-drop approach. Nandbox designed top-notch features to make your education app stand out among the rest. You will also avoid any unnecessary routes if the student is absent, that way you will save time and money by re-routing school buses, based on reported absences through the app. Speaking of educational apps features, we cannot fail to mention the fact they have many specific features relevant only for this type of application.

Education App Development Best Practices

The moment it is over, and the apps are available for the audience to enjoy, it is time to track the user’s feedback, make changes and take care of the post-launch application support. Tech contractor selection might take some time, and it is important not to rush it. A modern entrepreneur is offered numerous ways to find a trustworthy IT provider that will bring high-quality services without charging all the money in the world for it. If you are planning to have any third-party creators who will fill your app with content like original courses or who will sell their services, charge them and not the end users. A small percentage from each sale will ensure a stable income. So now that you know about the situation in the eLearning market and all kinds of apps, it is time to think about another crucial aspect — product monetization.

Application Testing

Now let’s touch on the most common challenges so that you will know how to create an educational app comprehensively. The development of AI in recent years has allowed the use of Advanced Intelligent Virtual Assistant in many areas, including educational app development. Here the IVA takes over the briefing, management, and overall improvement of the learning process in the application.

Making an educational app and launching it without prior testing is risky, even if the team has been testing every feature in the process. Final testing is essential if you want to deliver a quality product to the market. Companies that make educational software, which treat their work responsibly, require a much larger budget than app builders. Of course, you want to choose a reliable organization with experience as your partner to avoid missing deadlines or getting a poor-quality product in the end. Applications became especially popular when businesses and educational institutions around the world were forced to switch to remote work in 2020 due to the pandemic.

The global pandemic and the quarantine that came after have changed almost all of our familiar life processes. Some enterprises, unfortunately, reduced their activities or closed down. Education is an industry that underwent one of the most radical changes. Despite the fact that the remote learning format has been around for quite some time, an unexpected and forced transition has become a big challenge nonetheless.

A monthly subscription is the most popular method of monetizing an e-learning app. Alternatively, introduce various user plans for access to different functionality (free/paid/VIP/pro). When you create an educational app, this functionality is always desirable. Teachers have always been dedicated creators of syllabus, producers and performers of lesson plans, best marketers to pilot their projects with early adopters .

We have presented the tech stack of each platform separately so that it shows what technologies you need to apply and which specialists to look for. Between the first two stages, questions and clarifications on SoW from developers may arise. Get the perfect mobile solution to build an online community, schedule upcoming events and grow your education set-up like never before. As part of a special promotion we are offering you app building assistance and expert consultation at ZERO cost. The second one is a cloud-based application, used for remote learning.

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